loro piana



Oil Nut Bay





“We won by just seconds, the new rating system is really working out. It was pretty relaxing until the last 15 minutes when you see the competition. You see the sails, you see how fast they’re going and you begin to mentally calculate. I have a great crew and this victory is theirs, not mine. The win is very, very special and I’d say this was the most exciting win of any we’ve ever had.”  Gerhard Andlinger, Owner of S/Y P2

“Doing the Loro Piana as a first event was great – the right wind, and the right boats. For any owners out there who are hesitant about doing this event, I can tell you for sure this owner is 100 per cent happy.” – Paul Dielemans, Helmsman aboard S/Y Wisp

“It was a lot of fun. The race committee did a great job of implementing the new rule. The racing really did come down to the wire.” – Donald MacPherson, Owner of S/Y Freya

“The weather is perfect, the people are the most friendly on the earth, and the event itself is extraordinarily orientated towards those that love sailing yachts.” Ed Kane, Owner of S/Y Bolero

“What a great start to a pretty big change for the superyachting racing. It’s some of the most stressful racing I’ve done – in a good way! Whenever we get the boats close, we are thrilled”. Tony Rey, Tactician, S/Y Marie

“I think it was a spectacular, beautiful week. Watching what happened this week I’m sure there will be more and more yachts joining us here.” – Pier-Luigi Loro Piana, chartered Cape Arrow and the Title Sponsor