loro piana



Oil Nut Bay





Myself and whole crew are very excited to participate in this event and we wish everybody lots of fun over the next three days.
Owner of Firefly

On behalf of the Owner of Bliss and all the crew we would like to congratulate and thank you for a superbly organised and well run event. See you next year!
Ross Haerle, Captain of S/Y Bliss

YCCS and Oil Nut Bay are the number one location’s in the Caribbean without a doubt. I’ve never seen anything like this.
Dick Farmer, Owner of MY Stellar

I am very impressed with how well the event is organised, the quality and attention to detail is top.
Alan Goldstein, Owner of MY Victory

My first superyacht regatta and it’s absolutely amazing. The YCCS and Oil Nut Bay are fabulous. So happy to be here, beyond my expections.
Bob Eichler, Owner of SY Altair

It was such a great event last year that we just had to come back and experience it again. The mix of sailing and motor yachts is fantastic.
Marty and Lisa Sutter, Owners of MY Chanticleer

The owner helmed for more than ¾ of the race and he’s really enjoying it. It was a beautiful wind for sailing. We didn’t really have this event on the calendar but the owner really wanted to do an extra event. He is absolutely loving it in these gorgeous surroundings.
Mark van Gelderen, Captain of SY Firefly

The event was new last year my natural competitive desire said I’d better try it out. It’s a very attractive location, the new YCCS Clubhouse is pretty cool (I think that’s the lingo these days). I go to Porto Cervo YCCS which sets a very high standard and I judge that it will be the same here. The event is attracting a lot of big boats, and I think this will become one of the fixtures of the west-Indian regatta season.
Peter Harrison, owner of SY Sojana

I feel this is the most extraordinary setting in the Caribbean for a regatta. Nothing else is like this.
Mrs. Vicky Goldstein, owner of M/Y Victory

On the owner’s dinner:
Last night’s dinner was one of the most outstanding yachting events I have ever enjoyed. When we were up there dining, looking out at all these beautiful yachts, hearing the beautiful music, it was perfect, something very special.
Alan Goldstein, owner of M/Y Victory

Yesterday was absolutely an absolutely fantastic sail day.
Mark van Gelderen, Captain of the SY Firefly

The event and race is fantastic. The people are fantastic. YCCS is amazing. We had two wonderful starts; we’re loving it, I couldn’t be happier.
Bob Eichler, owner of S/Y Altair

The best part is I get to take home a pot of gold to my granddad on his birthday [on St. Patrick’s Day].
Lilly, age four, aka the Pirate Princess, M/Y Shalimar

Its got to be the perfect location, the perfect club on this side of the ocean, as far as sailing, wind, weather and scenery its beyond perfection. This is one of the nicest group of people in any regatta I have ever been to and if you don’t come back, either the boat has sunk or you’re dead.
Gerry Andlinger, Owner of SY P2

It was a lot of fun. Even if we hadn’t won, it was a fantastic regatta. It’s my first time here we will definitely come back next year to defend our title.
Andrea Recordati, owner of SY Indio.

We had a great time at the Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous! Boat International and ShowBoats International have solidified their position head and shoulders above ALL of your competition.
Marty & Lisa Sutter, Owners of MY Chanticleer


My husband wanted to go out and race with the boys while I wanted to spend time with my lady friends. That’s the beauty of this event; people can do exactly what they want.
Nicole Wertheim, Yacht Owner

I’ve loved the experience. The BVI is a great place to have this kind of event. I think I will bring Invader, my Jack Hargrave yacht next year.
Kevin Jaffé, World Superyacht Awards Judge

It’s just been fabulous…all the boats around us, the islands, the courses…. we could not have asked for anymore.
Owners of Twizzle

It felt like a real effort to make an original cocktail, in the spirit of the forties and fifties. They were brave enough to try something different and we could really see the effort behind it.
Mount Gay Cocktail and Canapé Competition Judges

This is one of the most gorgeous courses… a great day. The event is superb.
Peter Corr, Owner of Aiyana

We very much liked the Rendezvous. The events were fabulous and the organization perfect
Regine and Gerhard, Owners of Zefiro

What a fantastic time at the Caribbean Regatta and Rendezvous – gorgeous location, amazing weather, beautiful yachts, great racing and fun catching up with friends – can’t ask for much more than that.
Kevin and Teresa Jaffe, Owners of Marama

Thank you so much for providing so many people such a marvellous week of sailing, socializing and friendship. It was very special. I suspect you both already know that this event will most likely turn into a yearly regatta and it should! What fun everyone had.
Robbie Haines